Yvette Bethel Corporate Portraits

We live in an unpredictable global environment, so now it is business as unusual, and survival of the most agile. Now that we have entered uncharted territory, modern people effectiveness solutions cannot be enhanced versions of conventional strategies.

With this in mind, I created a proprietary developmental and consulting system called Interconnectivity, Flow, and BalanceSM which supports leaders by helping them establish cultures defined by trust.  We help decision-makers develop leaders, establish healthy team networks, improve operational efficiencies and align with organizational strategy for long-term sustainability.

Yvette is the innovator of the IFBSM methodology who is an award-winning author, Fulbright Scholar and People Effectiveness consultant with 20 years of Fortune 500 experience and 11 years as a consultant.  Contact Yvette for a free, exploratory consultation.




Why Yvette’s clients love her work:

  • Yvette Bethel Corporate PortraitsShe brings over 30 years of combined Fortune 500 and consulting experience and research to clients.

  • She possesses a talent for introducing difficult information without creating contention.  

  • She can synthesize complex situations and put her finger on the root cause(s) of your people challenges.

  • She can identify relationship networks within your organization that are supporting or working against your goals.

  • She has the ability to facilitate balanced conversations. Yvette doesn't say what you want to hear.  She has the courage to say what you need to hear.

  • She genuinely cares about the success of your organization.

  • She sets high standards for each project and sets out to over-deliver.

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