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Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance:  A Values-Based Framework for Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times

In natural ecosystems, change is constant. Everything's interconnected, and the continuous everyday interactions between and amongst the ecosystem's organisms and their

FACT: The inherent qualities of natural ecosystems—including constant change—exist in every business entity as well.

But most companies view change as an undesirable condition to avoid. The result? They’re always reactive, always bracing for the next “unexpected” crisis. By contrast, a company that embraces and systemically incorporates change as a constant, will be far more adaptable, resilient and responsive—crucial attributes for peak performance in uncertain times.  The BOOK LAUNCH is in Fall 2018.

Yvette's uniquely dynamic process of 'soul searching' and organizational change and renewal training has helped us to co-create a work environment that complements and develops the diverse skills of our team and has cultivated the tools of active leadership and emotional and intelligence within our team members.
-T. Fitzgerald, Consultant
Yvette is an experienced, sought after speaker who utilizes diverse techniques. She can connect with executives, managers and line-staff. Her magnetism results in engaging and interactive sessions.
-K. Hamilton Financial Services
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Yvette Bethel is a speaker, trainer, consultant and award-winning author whose experience with People Effectiveness started in the early 1980s at a Fortune 500 company. Within the Fortune 500 environment, her leadership responsibilities in HR and people development spanned 8 countries.

Yvette’s speaking takes her to conferences, corporate retreats, summits, and industry association meetings.  Highlights of her topics include:

  • Nexxus E.Q. Conference (At Harvard Medical School): Topic- Organizational Soul

  • Annual Conference of HR Managers of Central Banks in The Caribbean: Topic - The Pillar of Trust

  • Institute of Internal Auditors: Topic – People Risk: Best Practice Mitigation Strategies

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants: Topic – Communicating with Emotional Intelligence.

  • New Topic: Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance

  • New Topic: Change-Based Organizations

Yvette is a Fulbright Scholar with extensive experience in the area of leader development.  As a corporate trainer and facilitator, Yvette specializes in leadership topics that include: Emotional Intelligence and Communication; and Building Team Trust.

As an author, Yvette has published the book E.Q. Librium and the Award-Winning Activity Book, Getting to E.Q. Librium to help leaders unleash the power of their emotional intelligence at work.  Her latest book, The Change-Based Organization will be launched in Fall 2018. More and more decision-makers are recognizing the connection between culture and results. Yvette’s new book provides modern tools business owners, executives and decision-makers can use to keep their organizations in balance so they can ensure sustainability in unpredictable times.  The book offers new insights and innovative strategies that can revolutionize how leaders lead.

Yvette’s Featured Speaking Topics Include:

    • The Change-Based Organization & Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance (To coincide with book launch in Fall 2018)

    • The Pillar of Trust

    • Transforming Your Team with the Power of “We”!

    • Office Politics Using Integrity Based Rules

    • Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

    • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

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Powerful, thought-provoking, and honest are words that come to mind when I think of Yvette's presentations.
-M. Minns Financial Services
I have rarely come across someone who has impacted my life so quickly. Her dynamic facilitation skills and make-you-think questions helped me focus on taking the action steps I needed to take. Yvette exudes passion and professionalism in everything she does.
- L. Lipman, Success Coach