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Executive Recruitment

If you are interested in outsourcing your executive acquisition, we are available to help you find the best possible candidates, locally and internationally.

If you have executive or management recruitment needs, we can help you determine which candidates will be a good fit for your culture. We can manage the recruitment process from end-to-end, or we can provide supplemental recruitment services.


Succession Planning and Talent Development Planning

Is the person next in line the best choice for the number one position within your company or department?  Do you have a succession plan in place to mitigate the risk of turnover at senior or other levels within your organization?

At Organizational Soul, we can create a succession plan that is complemented by a Talent Management Strategy to ensure adequate plans are in place to develop the talent identified by the process.


Restructuring HR & Talent Development Departments

In modern organizations, leaders responsible for Talent Development and Performance are becoming strategic partners in more and more business decisions. Leaders responsible HR operations and administration have much to offer but their roles are decreasingly strategic.

If you have a business strategy that requires the creation of a new organizational structure to support the desired results, we can help you design an organizational structure that can help you achieve your desired results.


Organizational Design

We are skilled at understanding the stage of growth of your business and using that information to analyse your organizational chart to identify, structural strengths and gaps, inherent opportunities and limitations, and behaviors that threaten the effectiveness of your structure.

We can process this information and generate structural options you can use to achieve your business goals over time.  We focus on structure from three perspectives: Strategy, workflows, and people.  Our organizational design services include redesign of organizational charts, and support with rewriting job descriptions and performance tools.


Customized HR & Talent Development Projects

We recognize no two organizations are alike, so we pride ourselves on customizing our services to meet our client’s unique needs. This can mean combining our offerings or scaling back to ensure you can get what you need. We believe in building relationships with our clients by adding maximum value.

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