Yvette Bethel Corporate Portraits - an Emotional Intelligence/Conflict Resolution TrainerYvette Bethel is an award winning author and Fulbright Scholar with more than 20 years of professional experience at a Fortune 500 company and 11 years as CEO and Founder at Organizational Soul. As an organizational effectiveness and development consultant, emotional intelligence practitioner, trainer, lecturer and author, Yvette understands the people side of organizations and how to effectively bring together people structures with the corporate vision of the business and the know-how of employees.

Yvette's Fortune 500 experience includes corporate strategy, marketing, PR, learning and development, and human resources. Yvette's HR and people development experience started in the late 1980s and in her final role at a financial institution, her responsibilities spanned eight countries.  

Having gained exposure in the areas of Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources and People Development, Yvette integrates this experience with her emotional intelligence knowledge and skills to build individual and team strengths.

Yvette is an advanced Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Preferred Partner with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence network. Six Seconds is a global, non-profit organization with the goal of introducing emotional intelligence to one billion people globally.

Using emotional intelligence coaching, EQ assessments, emotional intelligence training and other interventions, Yvette helps organizations to transform their cultures by building productive work relationships. She is passionate about organizational effectiveness and development and seeks to work with clients who are ready to resolve challenges that impact employee engagement.

Yvette is a blogger, freelance article writer and author of the books: “E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success”; and the USA Best Book Award winning Activity Book, “Getting to E.Q. Librium”. Yvette is also the creator of the emotional intelligence, online, simulation, "The Games People Play at Work" and author of the audio book, "Your Workplace Survival Kit." She is currently authoring a new book called "Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance: A Model of Employee Engagement"

Award Winning Author

Yvette Bethel is an award winning author who has gained recognition from the USA Best Book Awards.  Her emotional intelligence books and online simulation are designed to help you enhance your emotional intelligence and achieve your career goals.

- E.Q. Librium
- Getting to E.Q. Librium
- Games People Play at Work

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