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Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance:  A Values-Based Framework for Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times

In natural ecosystems, change is constant. Everything's interconnected, and the continuous everyday interactions between and amongst the ecosystem's organisms and their environment create a state of balance.

FACT: The inherent qualities of natural ecosystems—including constant change—exist in every business entity as well.

But most companies view change as an undesirable condition to avoid. The result? They’re always reactive, always bracing for the next “unexpected” crisis. By contrast, a company that embraces and systemically incorporates change as a constant, will be far more adaptable, resilient and responsive—crucial attributes for peak performance in uncertain times. Available now at AMAZON.COM.

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E.Q. Librium -- Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence: A Proven Path to Career Success

E.Q. Librium helps you to develop your ability to use your Emotional Quotient (EQ) to achieve self-regulation in emotionally charged situations. When you build your capacity to stabilize your emotions internally, you can better position yourself to achieve your career goals. The more you develop your skills to navigate your emotions, the more effective you will be at managing yourself, particularly when there are diverse personalities at play.

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Getting to E.Q. Librium -- Activity Book

Getting to E.Q. Librium is an activity book designed to improve your emotional quotient. Getting to E.Q. Librium is an introspective activity book designed to complement the book, E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success. The activities are specifically designed to help you enhance your emotional quotient through learning the art of emotional self-regulation. The introspective exercises help you to recognize your emotions, navigate those emotions and then respond to emotionally charged situations in a self-regulated way.

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Games People Play at Work -- Interactive Training Scenarios

The Games People Play at Work is a single outcome, interactive e-learning solution designed to create safe opportunities for leaders to encounter difficult people in a virtual office environment and use Emotional Intelligence to navigate the personalities and situations. The Games People Play at Work is an alternative to traditional online training solutions because it both educates and entertains by immersing learners in a work environment where they are immediately challenged to navigate personalities and situations

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Success Tips for Igniting Your Career -- Free Downloadable Report

By the time you finish reading this special report, you will gather useful tips to help you reinvent your career, so you can stop feeling stuck in a dead end job and take definite steps toward a promotion or the right job for you!

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