Evolve: The Coaching Solution for Leaders

Evolve is learning portal designed to support executives and managers with discovering purpose, setting career goals and achieving results by developing self-mastery skills that will energize and ignite you.

How Yvette can help you?

  • If you are new to an executive or management role and you are making that transition from manager to executive, Yvette can support you with a mindset shift and help you develop new competencies

  • If you want to take your performance to the next level, Yvette can help you to strategize your professional, career and performance goals

  • If you don’t love your career and you are yearning for fulfillment, Yvette can help you connect with your purpose and determine what is next for you

  • You have invested in yourself and you are ready for the next level in your career, but you seem to be passed over for some reason. Yvette can help you to uncover what caused your career to plateau so you can overcome it. Yvette can support you with a career plan, closing interpersonal skill gaps or an career evolutionary strategy.

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