This wonderful summit has now completed.  We hope your life was enriched by the great experts that were featured.  If you'd like to stay informed of future offerings, please register at

At this summit, more than 12 world-class, thought leaders and change agents gather to provide you with modern, practical ideas you can use to transform both your leadership and the results of your team. Each day, starting on September 12 until September 23rd, 2016 you will receive an email providing you with information about the thought leader(s) you can listen to and their topic(s) for that day. Audio access for each interview will be available for 48 hours before it is removed from public access. The summit is for executives, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who leads an organizational team and it is hosted by Yvette Bethel, author, coach, trainer, and CEO of Organizational Soul. (

No longer available - "Millennials At Work"
No longer available - "Breakthrough Coaching"
No longer available - "The Power of Dialogue at Work"
No longer available - "Why Teams Win Big"
No longer available - "Heart Centered Selling"
No longer available - "Transforming Conversations"