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What’s Your Workplace Trust Style? The Three Pillars to Individual and Organizational Success

Satisfaction, networking, community, achievement, balance, decision making, health, and influence. Can you imagine what kind of leader you would be if you scored high in all of these domains? Can you imagine a workplace fueled with employees who excel in each of these categories? According to Yvette Bethel, a co-creator of the Trust Style Inventory [...]

Yvette’s New Book: Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance

Yvette Bethel's latest book, Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance Model (IFB) introduces an operating system that functions in the background of organizations, families, and multiple other types of communities. Like computer operating systems, IFB is ever-present, not always perceived, and prolific. It arranges your organization’s internal ecosystem around inherent rules of behavioral, change, and other systems that guide daily [...]

5 Preparatory Steps for Successful Organizational Design

With new emphasis on innovation, change, and mergers, modern organizations are finding themselves in a new situation of nearly constantly re-designing their organizational chart. According to recent research by McKinsey, 60% of corporate respondents said they experienced an organizational redesign in the past 2 years. And yet, according to the same research, less than a [...]

Leading Team Change from the Inside Out

When leaders think of reinventing themselves they start with shifting the way they think and feel.  Sometimes this happens unwillingly, when something earth shattering happens in their lives. At other times they are exposed to a different way of thinking, one that their background prepared them to resonate with.  Regardless the cause, these leaders experience [...]

Expand Your Leadership by Developing Others

One of John Maxwell’s law of leadership is called the Law of the Lid. According to Maxwell, “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.”  In other words, the leader cannot surpass his or her own ability to lead. By extension, the skills of persons reporting to a leader rarely exceed the leader’s capability to [...]